Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work Is Done - Taper Time!

It's been a interesting preparation for this Ironman. I missed most of last summer due to surgery and had a high groin strain from hockey that hampered my activity. It lingered most of the winter and affected my endurance to the point where the Around the Bay 30K race was painful. I took a little rest time then started a "ramp up to catch up" training plan to get ready for Ironman Lake Placid. We had our annual Muskoka Training Weekend on the May Victoria Day weekend. This was key as I clayed my way over the hills for 160k on the bike and 27k on my long run. Getting the first century under my belt was the psychological boost I needed. I ended up doing 3 100+ mile rides in 3 weeks.

What a beautiful shot of the swim in Mirror Lake.

The start of the Keene descent

Out and back on River road with the Olympic ski jumps in the background.
As part of my final push I muscled through what I like to call "Hell Week". I spent most of the week in Muskoka with Logan and Sara. My week resulted in the following:

3 swims: 2000m, 4200m, 4200m
3 bike: 61 mile, 27.5 mile, 112.5 mile (this past Sunday in the stifling heat)
3 runs: 13.1 mile, 5.5 mile, 20 mile (heat and hills in Muskoka)
2 hours kayaking

All in all a good week. Now all that remains is a smart taper, sound nutrition, proper sleep and a mindset to be patient and enjoy the day.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Explore New Trails

I'm currently in Sault Ste Marie for work and I love running in new places. Time goes by as you explore new terrain. After a nice 3600m swim at the John Rhodes Pool (awesome facility!) I went to Fort Creek Conservation Area for a run. I call this route the Bridge Run as you go over several bridges of various lengths. The trail I took is the Hub Trail which is a paved bike path that winds through the conservation area and up around the hospital. It's hilly in parts and the scenery is great. I did an out and back to the trail's end and then a second out and back over the bridges for a total of 10.25 miles. If you ever find yourself in this area check it out - you won't be disappointed.

Bridge 2

Bridge 3 - the longest at about 75m

View from Bridge 3

Bridge 4

View from Bridge 4

Start of the trail. Love summer!!